Director Bio: Kelsey Layne

Kelsey’s passion for all aspects of dance, including production and film-making, have been evident since she started formal training at age 4. Since then, she has honed her skills via studio training, master classes, conventions, and competitions.

She began choreographing high school routines and solos at age 16, which got her noticed and was hired at age 18 to teach at a studio in Arizona. She created award winning choreography in her first year and her dancers have been awarded for near perfect scores on multiple occasions. In 2015, several of her routines had the honor of performing in Tricia Miranda’s Hip Hop festival. From there, her choreography videos on YouTube garnered attention from a wider dance audience and various talent agents who have reached out to her about her choreography and students. Recently, Kelsey traveled to Hollywood California where her youngest Hip Hop Company had the privilege of being selected to perform in Choreographers carnival.

Kelsey currently resides in Central Texas and is the Artistic Director of the Hip Hop Companies at Cedar Park Dance Company, where she works as a choreographer and studio instructor. 

Kelsey’s most current project, “The Lab” Dance Convention was inspired by her students and the desire to deliver modern dance styles with training to prepare dancers to be a working professional in the Dance industry. “The Lab” is a forum for dancers who want to step out of their comfort zone. Kelsey relishes fusion between styles and finds beauty in quirky combinations and blurring lines between genres. She sees dance fusion as a door to more creative dance and finds inspiration in the endless possibilities that come with combining styles and genres. She has cultivated an approachable, supportive faculty that fearlessly push the dancers to new heights. In addition to fun and energized classes, she believes providing professional training and opportunity is also important, which is the impetus for creating the ‘Fusion’ Lab Projects Program.

“I hope everyone finds comfort and inspiration at the Lab Convention, a place dancers can call their second home.”

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