About The Lab

The Lab offers you a collection of styles, such as; Hip Hop, Modern Fusion, Contemporary, Jazz Fusion/Funk, Urban and Contemporary partnering.

We provide dancers with a weekend of fun and upbeat inspiring classes taught by a current energized faculty!

Convention Dates: February 15-17, 2019


New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center

375 S Castell Ave

New Braunfels, TX 78130

Map of Central Texas, New Braunfels Civic Center
The Lab Dance Convention is located in New Braunfels, TX – mid-way between Austin and San Antonio.

Saturday Showcase

Our Saturday evening show will give studios/ groups a chance to showcase a routine. Routines must be age appropriate and non explicit as this is a friends and family show for all ages.

Limit: You are able to submit three routines per a studio/group.

Cost: $20 per dancer in the routine

Routine limit: 3:00 minutes

Critiques will be given Sunday afternoon (you can pick them up at the registration table)

Fusion Lab Projects

What are the ‘Lab Projects’?:

A group of dancers chosen by a specific faculty member to perform a routine in the Sunday Faculty showcase.

How to become a ‘Lab Project’:

Register online or in person at the registration table Friday evening for the audition. There will be a Hip Hop and Contemporary audition class. Dancers will be chosen that evening. You must be registered for the full convention to audition. There is no additional fee.

What if I’m chosen to be a ‘Lab Project’?:

Throughout the weekend, you will have 6 hours of rehearsal with a faculty member. This time prepares you to perform the professional piece in the Sunday Faculty Showcase.

The ‘Lab Project’ choreographers for New Braunfels, TX are Mikey Dellavella and Dasha Tertova.


••• You must be registered as a teen or senior to audition•••

We are super excited to offer this professional training experience!


The Lab After Hours

The Lab will be offering two extra classes Friday evening for dancers 17+ years old.

The classes will be held at an adult and industry level/maturity.

After hour bands: $40 (two classes)

Both classes will be a free bonus class if you’re registered for both days of the weekend convention classes.

Pricing & Guidelines

Full convention admission:

Junior room (7-10) $215 | After Dec. 1st, $245

Teen room (11-13) $215 | After Dec. 1st, $245

Senior room (14+) $215 | After Dec. 1st, $245

College students $150 (Must have valid ID) | After Dec. 1st, $180

Teacher/Owner $215 | After Dec. 1st, $245

One day convention admission:

All rooms $160 | After Dec. 1st, $190

Students registered for one day are not eligible for scholarships and cannot participate in the Friday night audition classes. One day participants are required to pay the additional $40 fee if attending the ‘After Hours 17+’ classes.

The Lab After Hours (17+) $40 (included in full convention admission)

Observer band $35 (Limited amount of observers per room)

Late registration (after Dec. 1st) $30 will be added to each fee, except for ‘The Lab After Hours’ and ‘observer band’


5-15 students – 1 teacher free

16-25 students- 2 teachers free

26-35 students – 3 teachers free

40+ – 4 teachers free

NO refunds or cancellation

Above are the class age guidelines. Teacher/owners can decide to place a student by age or ability.

Level change must be done before the end of the second Saturday class.

We prefer dancers to stay in their appropriate age groups.

For the Sunday scholarship auditions, dancers must audition in the room for which they are registered.

Dancers will learn a short combination and be split into groups to be observed by some of ‘The Lab’ Faculty. Scholarships will be announced in the Sunday evening showcase.


  • An observer band must be purchased to observe classes.
  • Observers will not have access to any audition classes, extra rehearsals, or the Lab After Hours.
  • Observer bands are not required for the Saturday and Sunday showcase. Family and friends are welcome with no fee.
  • Chatting and phone calls must be taken outside of the class room
  • Please do not chat, correct or distract students during classes. Please be respectful of the faculty member teaching.
  • If wrist bands are lost a new one must be purchased at full price.
  • One day observer wrist bands are not available. Must pay full price for 2 day observer.

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